Buon Appetito Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

Traditional wood fired ovens that enhance your outdoor living area bringing family and friends together in an Italian tradition that’s embedded its splendour in modern Australia.

The Buffon family at Buon Appetito have drawn on their Italian heritage, their experience in brickmaking and kiln construction for over three generations to create two types of wood fired ovens that are available in DIY kit form.

Both our ovens are designed and manufactured on our premises in Mildura Victoria.

Andrew has an extensive knowledge of ceramics and studied heavy clay technology at Stoke on Trent England. This allows Andrew to apply the principles of brickmaking, firing and kiln construction to his own personally designed pizza ovens.

Andrew has designed and constructed two efficient and affordable pizza ovens each one offering their own unique qualities.

1. Traditional Italian Dome Oven &

2. Classic Brick Oven

Create....Cook....Buon Appetito